Save IHT – Planning To Pass It On

Save IHT – simply plan to pass it on! We offer a comprehensive legal Estate Planning Service, whether you are an ordinary individual or an entrepreneur. To be fair, it isn’t just about saving IHT. There is a lot more to it than than, and we hope you will take advantage of our full service. But if you just want to save IHT, that is fine too. We are NOT Financial Advisers, insurance and investments is another discipline within Estate Planning, so we work happily alongside financial advisers. Indeed, we may well suggest you take Financial Advice to fill in those aspects of any Estate Plan you may recommend for you.

Save IHT the SIMPLE way and pass on your wealth to your family NOT the Taxman. You must be aware that the Government will be desperately short of income for at least another 10 years to pay for the Banking Crisis. We suspect that promises of dramatic reductions in IHT are unlikely to be kept!

We haven’t had the time recently to update Inheritance Tax Secrets as we’ve been busy doing IHT Reviews. The most recent edition of IHT Secrets had extra information and resources. But we can’t re-release it until we have finished reviewing and updating it. To fair, we would rather be busy helping clients than updating the book, so you can watch this space but it may be a long wait. If you would like to go on the waiting list for a copy, feel free to use the form below.

The information below that is historic, and will be reviewed when the new edition is ready.

Historic text. Looking for a brief (around 55 pages), practical guide in workbook format, designed to make it easy to save IHT and keep the money in the family? You are in the right place.

Currently on offer for just £14.95, order your copy & save IHT now, with the promise of your money back if you are not satisfied.

If you want a long and learned text book with 300+ pages and tons of jargon – you are in the wrong place!

This is a simple guide to help you save IHT. Just work through the relevant sections (you won’t even need to read the whole 55 pages!) make your notes and plans and then discuss with your professional advisers (or contact us if you don’t have any.)

If one of your parents, or your wife or husband could die or has died, this book may save your family £120,000 plus in needless IHT – or far more. Order your copy and save IHT now.  Whether you are a High Net Worth Individual (i.e. relatively wealthy), or just a property owner, this brief book will show you how to make sure your wealth really does cascade down the generations.  Learn how to structure giving and not to fall into some of the traps.

Order your copy & save IHT now and get starting on saving IHT. Once you have worked through it, if you still need help, then we offer a personalised IHT Planning service (we are not financial advisers, so it is possible some of our recommendations will need help from one – we can recommend generic financial products, we can’t recommend specific ones.)

If you are a professional adviser – accountant, solicitor, financial adviser, will writer, this book will give you enough information to look really good in front of your clients (and you may even want to work with us to help them.) Save IHT – order your copy now.

If you are a business person, this book is an absolute must – a Will written by someone not expert in business Wills could dramatically increase your IHT bill.

Save IHTSave IHT – get your copy now If you are a farmer, this book is a great initial guide to IHT, but it does not cover in any detail the special circumstances and opportunities farmers have to save inheritance tax – but we can help.  Did you see our interview in edition 96 0f Practical Farm Ideas?

Order your copy now and Save IHT If it turns out that cutting inheritance tax is not really your priority (and that will happen with some readers) it will point you in the right direction. The simple way to save IHT and benefit your family not the Chancellor! – so you think IHT is no longer a problem???!!! by Ingrid McCleave, Stephen Pett & the team