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Howard Horne, IFA

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From Ron G Holland

I have devoted my life to helping people fulfil their potential, and very often that has been the potential to build wealth through establishing and growing a thriving business. Since I met Steve, I have further reflected on the reasons why we all strive to achieve our true potential.They are many and varied, but the two most common are:

self-fulfillment – we are determined to do the best we possibly can and
to benefit our families and others .
Too often I have seen the dream fulfilled, only for the plug to be pulled by the Grim Reaper or one of his non-fatal henchmen, draining away a lifetimes achievement faster than you would believe possible, with families and employees alike suffering and all of the hard work in building up wasted.Businesses routinely make contingency plans or they would fail much sooner.We should all be doing the same to protect all we have created in our lifetimes. So I urge you to read an act on the information in this Manual and take advice to underpin and preserve what you have achieved for yourself and your family. Life and death are a matter of chance and chances taken. Optimise yours for your own sake and that of your family!

Ron G Holland

Multimillionaire and Business Angel

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“Useful to both the public and advisers”

John Douglass, Independent Financial Adviser

“very good and very informative.”

Philip Holton, Ashley Law, Cheam

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